Used 2009 John Blanchard


Used 2009 John Blanchard Guitar 

If you are looking for a guitar with a broad dynamic range, excellent projection, a wide variety of tonal color, precise clarity from string to string, a balance of sound between the trebles and basses, comfortable action height and playability, and a rich complex sound, then John Blanchard guitars are what you are looking for. In addition to these qualities, each Blanchard guitar is a work of art featuring impeccable craftsmanship. It is no wonder why Blanchard guitars have been the best selling guitars in the shop for the past several years. John Blanchard also gives back to the community by sponsoring the Portland Classic Guitar Concert series. 

Guitar Specifications:

Top: Spruce

Rosette: Mosaic

Sides and Back: East Indian Rosewood

Bindings: Koa

Neck: Mahagony

Tuners: Sloan

Scale. 650 mm

Nut: 53.0 mm  

More about John Blanchard: John Blanchard is a native Oregonian who has established his shop in Bend, which is located on the Central Oregon High Desert at the edge of the Cascade Mountains. Not only is the Central Oregon area famous for its beautiful scenery and recreation opportunities, but also, its stable climate is highly suitable for building fine wood instruments. In addition to his interests in lutherie, John has had a life-long passion for the outdoors and the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest. For example, he has been a professional ski instructor, a white water guide, a fly fishing outfitter and a research physiologist for the Alaskan reindeer herds. His work with the Alaskan Native people exposed him to artisans that merged the elegance and beauty of nature into their paintings, sculpture and other art forms. John uses this influence to realize in each instrument the best blend of the tonal characteristics and natural beauty of wood. John was mentored by master luthiers, Orville & Robert Millburn, concentrating on the classical Hauser designs and trained in traditional French polish techniques. John custom builds each guitar to meet the desires of the client. He wants to work with the musician in the selection of wood for their instrument that will not only be visually appealing, but will also have exceptional tone, balance and projection.

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