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Lovro Peretic Master Class

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Lovro Peretic Master Class and Technique Workshop  Audit - Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 7:00 PM

Christ Church Eposcopal Parish

1060 Chandler R.

Lake Oswego, OR 97034

No previous performance or guitar skills are required for auditing the class and we will have a live question and answer session during the master class with the instructor and the auditors.

To be a performer, please purchase the performer fee and we will contact you with more details. If it isn't the best fit for you to be a performer in the class, we will refund you the difference between the performer and auditor fee.

What is a master class?

A master class is a when a master musician (like Pepe Romero or one of the other artists in the U.S. International Guitar Series) listens to usually three or four pre-selected students who perform one piece live in front of the master class instructor and other auditors and students attending the class (except in the case of a virtual master class where the initial performance might be prerecorded to optimize sound and video quality). The instructor will work with each student on an individual basis and might discuss musical interpretation, guitar technique, performance anxiety or whatever is relevant to further the student's development as a player. The lesson is given in an open room, performance hall, or virtually online so everyone attending the class can learn from the advice given. You do not need to be a performer in the class to benefit from a master class. In fact, many times it is best to attend a master class as an auditor without the distraction of needing to prepare to perform so you focus on what is being taught and you can take notes. Usually, there will be a Q&A section of the class where auditors may ask specific questions. Master classes benefit all levels of guitarist from beginning to professional.

Some general tips for students performing in the class:

1. Select a single piece from the classical guitar repertoire that you know well. The performance doesn't have to be perfect but a master class student should not select a piece that is too difficult beyond their playing ability and they should not perform a piece if they are still learning it. It is always better to choose an easier piece that you can play well. These classes are designed to polish and improve pieces that have already been learned. If you're working with an instructor ask them if they feel you are ready to perform in a master class.

2. The piece should not be too long and if it is part of a larger work then just select one movement.

3. Always have at least one extra copy of the music for the instructor to view during the performance and make sure it is a copy where you don't mind if notes are added directly to the score. Have a pencil ready for notes.

4. Each student performing will have approximately 25 minutes of the class. Try to think of specific questions you might have before you come to the class.

5. Know the piece well enough that you can start at any point and not just the beginning. If you have the piece memorized, also be able to read the music directly from the score from any point.

6. It is a good idea to do a little research to see if the piece you're playing has been recorded or transcribed by the master class instructor. It so, it is always best to play their transcription or edition out of respect.

Here is a master class video that we presented a few years back so you can get an idea of the format.