Fine Guitars

Special - Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Through May!

Here you will find several fine and rare handmade classical and flamenco guitars by master luthiers such as Jeffrey Elliott, Robert Ruck, Jose Ramirez, Hermann Hauser, Darren Hippner, John Blanchard, Woodley White, and many more. Each guitar is checked over carefully by concert classical guitarist and U.S. Classic Guitar President William Jenks and is inspected by a master luthier repair technician to ensure each instrument is in the best working and stable condition. The selection below represents our current inventory and the guitars are available to demo by appointment only in the Portland area. You may also contact William Jenks directly to set up an appointment or for any questions by email at org or by phone at 971-715-8097.

Please Note:  Due to the potential of stress on the instruments through shipping, all guitar sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges.  U.S. Classic Guitar takes great care in making sure that each guitar is shipped and packed properly. Please feel free to call William Jenks at 971-715-8097 to discuss details on each instrument prior to your purchase.