Ana Vidovic

I had the privilege to perform a total of eight times for U.S. Classic Guitar and had a wonderful time! Mr. Jenks has done such an amazing job with the venue that has been featuring great guitarists from all over the world. The venue is quickly becoming one of the most prestigious in the country.

Eliot Fisk

It was a pleasure to perform on the series of U.S. Classic Guitar. I particularly enjoyed the warm family feel and enormous warmth of the audience. The work that William Jenks and his colleagues are doing is truly important for our country. I wish my friends in Portland many more years of great success.

David Russell

This last year I had the pleasure of playing a concert and conducting a masterclass for U.S Classic Guitar. The organization was wonderful and I loved meeting the members, who worked hard to make the event a success. I am sure that with their enthusiasm and generous dedication the future of the guitar in Portland is in good hands.

Denise Nontavarnit

As parents, we enjoy watching our child’s musical talent grow from the lessons she receives from U.S. Classic Guitar.

Grady Moran

For years I attempted to play the guitar, if three chords and a lack of rhythm counted as actual music. Thus, lacking in musical ability but strong in enthusiasm, I stumbled upon William Jenks. He guided me in the purchase of a superb instrument from U.S. Classic guitar and I began the lessons which opened a new chapter of my life at nearly seventy years of age.

Denise Azabagic

William, your guitar series is one of the most memorable for me. I remember playing solo at your series, and I had a great time, so I was sure the same would be the case when I came back with my duo. The intimate space creates an atmosphere and connection to the audience that is really very special.

Scott Tennant

I had a great time performing for U.S. Classic Guitar. It's the kind of venue I love to play because it makes me feel like the audience and performer are really communicating with one another, and I like listening to music in such an environment for the same reason! I feel that both the player and listener walk away having experienced a connection.

Dr. Wendy Mednick

I have been taking classical guitar lessons at U.S. Classic Guitar for several years. The top notch guitar instructors, student recitals, and yearly professional guitar concerts make for a total guitar experience


Elizabeth Stohosky

As parents, we enjoy watching our child’s musical talent grow from the lessons she receives from U.S. Classic Guitar.

Walt and Kay Covert

We have been taking classical guitar lessons for a year and a half, as a couple. It has been one of the most enriching experiences we have ever had. U.S. Classic Guitar expands their students skills and appreciation of music far beyond expectations. The yearly guitar concert series is an extraordinary opportunity to hear world-class performers in an intimate setting.