U.S. Classic Guitar University Outreach Program

U.S. Classic guitar values our commitment to music education especially in the area of classical guitar and we're proud to offer a new outreach program for university and conservatory students and instructors. All students that are currently enrolled as music majors where the guitar is their primary instrument can receive one complimentary ticket per student to attend concerts and master classes presented by U.S. Classic Guitar. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. Also, any active guitar instructor or professor at a college, university, or conservatory can also request two complimentary tickets per concert or master class. Please help us spread the word about this great series to your students and contacts.

To receive the complimentary tickets here is all you need to do:
1. Please contact us by email directly at info@usclassicguitar.org at least 24 hours before the concert or master class you wish to attend with your full name or the name of your students. A full name and email address is required for each student or instructor attending so we can send the tickets.
2. Please provide the name of the institution where you teach. Your students may also contact us directly to request their complimentary tickets but they must include the name of the school and their instructor in their request.
3. Finally, please specify in the email the date, location, and name of artist for the concert or master class that you or your students wish to attend.
4. After your written email request, we will email your tickets for each event. If you don’t have your tickets in your email by at least 24 hours before the event please call us at 971-715-8097 and we will resend them.

Rules and restrictions: Only students currently enrolled as music majors in a four year undergraduate program or graduate program in a college, university, or conservatory where the guitar is their primary instrument are eligible for comp tickets. A maximum of one ticket per student and two tickets per instructor will be issued for each event. Any request for complimentary tickets must come in an email at least 24 hours prior to the event and no complimentary tickets will be issued at the door at the last minute. We will send the tickets to each instructor or student via email to the name and address provided.

To have a student be considered as a performer for a master class, please contact William Jenks at
info@usclassicguitar.org at least 1 week prior to the event with the student’s name and the proposed piece they will be performing. A submission of an audio or video recording is recommended and will be required for classes where four or more students have signed up to perform. If the student is chosen to perform in the class and is currently enrolled as a music major, the $100 performer fee will also be waived. To see a complete schedule of master classes and locations please click here.