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This is the performer fee for a master class.  
No refunds will be given if a student does not show up to the class or is not able to perform. No refunds will be given if the class has to be rescheduled because of an artist cancellation or change in master class time or location. We will contact you to confirm your place in the class. To audit the class, please select the master class audit ticket for each individual artist.


What is a master class?

Some general tips for students performing in the class:

1.  Select a single piece from the classical guitar repertoire that you know well. The performance doesn't have to be perfect but a master class student should not select a piece that is too difficult beyond their playing ability and they should not perform a piece if they are still learning it.  It is always better to choose an easier piece that you can play well.   These classes are designed to polish and improve pieces that have already been learned.  If you're working with an instructor ask them if they feel you are ready to perform in a master class.

2.  The piece should not be too long and if it is part of a larger work then just select one movement. 

3.  Always have at least one extra copy of the music for the instructor to view during the performance and make sure it is a copy where you don't mind if notes are added directly to the score.  Have a pencil ready for notes.

4.  Each student performing will have approximately 25 minutes of the class.  Try to think of specific questions you might have before you come to the class.  

5.  Know the piece well enough that you can start at any point and not just the beginning.  If you have the piece memorized, also be able to read the music directly from the score from any point.

6.  It is a good idea to do a little research to see if the piece you're playing has been recorded or transcribed by the master class instructor.  It isn't necessary to only pick a piece that they have worked with but if you do it is best to play their transcription or edition out of respect.